The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


So I was told at some point that I should be blogging. I’m rather new at this and so here I am… Blogging. It is my hope that in this process I will meet lots of new people who connect with me and I with them .

At times, my lovely wife Katie will be adding to this site, some blogs of her own. She, just as I, wants to connect with people like us who share values.

What kind of values are we talking?

First – Love.

It’s such a simple word. Caring for other’s well being.

Do you love yourself? Yes – Great, skip the next sentence . No – watch for a future blog because I want to speak with you.

In order to truly love others you must have a healthy love for yourself. I believe that when you have a healthy love that naturally leads to loving others.

Wanting the best for others and helping them get there is a mark of the best kind of leadership. Which is my Segway for the second value.


The world needs so many more Great leaders who value people and want to see them grow emotionally, spiritually, physically and monetarily. All leaders lead by example, some just set a terrible example: Great leaders live a life worthy of following.

It is possible to step into this role of great leader. In fact it is quite simple become a servant. Help others to reach their goals and in return you’ll find you reach yours. Along the way you’ll find your community of friends grows as well.

Earlier, I said we were looking for certain values in people… I want to point out that these values I’m talking about are choices. There are a lot of sad, sick, spiritually bankrupt, poor people that need help but even in that state they can love others and become a great leader.

This is a secret of success. When a person turns this way in their thinking… Things change.

So watch for more blogs from me and Katie. Go to our Facebook page Hemping for life, like and follow us. We appreciate and love each and every one of you and want the very best for you. God Bless.

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