Setting the record straight about CBD

Recently, I read a story talking about the legality of CBD in Florida. I am not going into the discussion of legalities in this blog post but instead wanted to clarify some misinformation that is still being spread by the media and many layperson as well. The following in italics is a text I sent to the writer (Sara Denatale) of the article. (you can read the article here first if you would like…

see article here

Hi Sara. My name is Rick Kegresse. You can find me on Facebook. My wife and I are affiliates with a major cbd company and have been for a couple of years. That being said we keep up to date on CBD and are very knowledgeable about the subject as are most of us affiliates of an mlm company. Recently you wrote an article appearing in the Tampa Bay Times. I realize you are not the only media person saying the following things, but I am hoping to educate and possibly change some of the narrative going out to the public.

There are two instances in the article that I would like you to consider and possibly make a correction to.

First you state that there is not enough studies done in CBD. My question is… Then what is enough studies? CBD had been being studied since the 1960s by Israeli Government and many of our universities. Since 2014, the number of studies had gone into the thousands. You can Google “cbd and (insert malady here)” and find numerous studies of each one. The government run website with over 300 pages of CBD related links goes even deeper and lends that credible authority if you prefer that. So I’m not sure where this idea comes from that there are not enough studies done.

Secondly, you stated that there are no governing bodies that make sure a label is true in what it says. Please look up “US Hemp Authority” at

True this is not a government program, then again neither was the “Organic” label to begin with. Now, that program is backed by the USDA, but to begin with it was a self related independent organization. Some argue that the efficacy of Organic label was tarnished after the government got involved, but that is another story. The point is that there is a third party group (US Hemp Authority) that holds no stakes in any of the companies getting their Seal of Approval.

Thank you for your time. Have a blessed day.

I would also like to thank you, my readers for visiting and taking your time to research and learn the truth. Education is key to making change that matters.

If you would like to find out more about the business that we are in and become a part of this movement you can check it out at

Together we can all be Hemping for Life. šŸ˜Ž

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