Why Join Hempworx? – 10 Reasons!!

If you have been thinking about joining Hempworx here are ten reasons why you should join.

I should let you know that I have had some successes in other Network Marketing companies, but was never paid as well as I am with Hempworx for my efforts.  Also it is not necessary to carry inventory! This is an incredible opportunity and you DO NOT NEED Network Marketing or sales experience to do it. Your income is based off your effort and I will help you along the way along with many other successful team members.


10 Reasons to Join Hempworx

  1. My Daily Choice

Hempworx is a part of a larger organization created by Josh Zwagil in Baltimore, MD.  He named it My Daily Choice (MDC) and started the product line with nutritional sprays.  MDC had been successful for several years when Josh’s wife Jenna started Hempworx.  The two companies recently merged, so when you join Hempworx, you join MDC as well and have access to all of the products, including an awesome travel package.   MDC is a generic name so it allows for the company to add many other products. Whereas most DS companies have 1 product line, MDC can be a variety of things and grow with time.   The Zwagils are experts at what they do and we are in good hands.  See this short 2 minute video to hear from Josh about the Hempworx business. As an affiliate, you can sell any of the products you want.  More opportunity for you!


  1. Products

You should never try to sell anything that you would not personally use or a product that you do not believe in and I am no different. We purchased Hempworx after using the product our daughter gave to us.  We then did a ton, and I mean a TON of research on the oil and still do, because we are always learning. I have spent the last twenty or so years learning about herbal medicine. I can tell you that Hempworx CBD oil is hemp-based, pure CBD oil that is fully legal and compliant with US Federal law. You can check the ingredient list – there are no fillers or additional ingredients.  Hempworx products are also non-GMO, use the whole plant, and are organically grown in Kentucky. Hempworx products include either 500 mg or 750 mg CBD oil (both full spectrum and THC free), CBD oil (in bacon flavor!) and treats (in Beef Flavor) for pets, Hempworx Relief (topical pain rub), Hempworx Renew (anti-aging cream), and Hempworx Revive (anti-aging). The main focus of Hempworx is to share these products!


  1. Growing Market!

It is no secret that the CBD oil industry is growing. PRNewswire reported in May 2018, “…in a fragile economic world, industries with significant growth forecast are certain to catch the eye of savvy investors looking for just the right place to be. Recent reports indicate that the cannabidiol (CBD) market is estimated to grow by 700 percent by 2020, and a report by market intelligence firm Hemp Business Journal projects that the CBD market will grow to $2.1 billion by 2020 (http://cnw.fm/7iczS), an astronomical jump in value compared to last year’s CBD market of $202 million.” And that is not the only source.  Check the internet and you will see many similar statistics from a variety of sources, including Forbes.


  1. Product Transparency

Hempworx believes in transparency.  Every batch of product produced is sent to a 3rd party testing site before it is packaged and sent to customers. According to Hempworx, “This is the Hempworx commitment to you. A product you can count on each and every time.” To take it a step further, Hempworx publishes its 3rd party testing and documentation to the public.  This includes gas chromatography, certificates of analysis, potency, and antimicrobial tests.


  1. Excellent Compensation Plan Opportunities

As I mentioned before, no income is guaranteed.  Affiliate income is dependent on individual effort and can vary from person to person. With Hempworx, you get a business-in-a-box AND they have a lucrative compensation plan. It is hard to describe in this blog, since you can get paid eight different ways and potentially earn up to 85%*. I suggest taking the free tour to get the documents and watch the video to fully understand it.

Check this out: there are WEEKLY and MONTHLY commission opportunities! Check out the compensation plan.


  1. The Hempworx Free Tour and Marketing plan

As a reason to join Hempworx, the free tour stands alone on its own.  We have all received SPAM and unwanted messages from people. I do not respond well to SPAM.  Nope, can’t stand it. So when I want to learn about a company, I don’t want someone breathing down my neck or telling me what I want to hear. I prefer to do my own research.

This is where the Hempworx tour comes into play.  When a prospect asks for information about Hempworx, they are given a link to one of the funnels created by Hempworx.  This link takes the prospect, you, to a free tour and temporary back office so you can see how things worked. It also contains tons of info and videos on the company, comp plan, products and so much more.  This was so helpful and I really appreciate it!  It leverages my time and the prospects time.  Ultimately, we get into business to make money and have more free time.

Hempworx also sends an email with the link to the tour so that you can log-in later and check things out, and it had the contact email of your sponsor


This is one of my FAVORITE things about Hempworx; it is automated!  As a sponsor, this takes the work out of having to do it yourself. The Hempworx automated marketing is genius and it makes sense after getting to know Josh!  The system also takes the pressure off of you the prospect!  People interested in Hempworx can get the link, sign up for the free tour and take their time to check things out.  Then they can come back to me with a list of questions. My job is to answer them and give them the info so that the person interested can make the best decision!   No spam!!!!!! Win-Win for all. Want to see it in action? Click to take the Hempworx Free Tour.


  1. Strong Upline – join the fastest growing team in Hempworx

In the network marketing profession, your earnings are based on your effort and your ability to use a proven system.  Do you NEED a sponsor? No, you can try to do things on your own and you may or may not have success, however by plugging into the proven system and not trying to reinvent the wheel you can grow much faster.  If you are a part of a team, you get to participate in all the support they offer.  This is a HUGE. When you are on a fast growing team with high ranking affiliates that are training us all to grow like they did the energy and momentum carries over and produces more top leaders.   So if you join me in the business, you have my help and support as well as many others.  Then you will have the same support as you build your team!


  1. Choose your rank by the kit you purchase

This is new for me, but based on the starting kit you purchase, depends on your rank and how you get paid. I NEVER want anyone to purchase anything that they cannot afford.  So I always tell my prospects to review the comp plan and pick a kit that he/she can afford but to also think strategically.  If you have the money, why make 35% on sales when you could make 50%?  I purchased the Executive pack which gives me 12 products and the highest commissions to start. The free tour explains the comp plan.


  1. Flexibility 

At MDC and selling Hempworx (or the other MDC products if you wish), you do not have to build a team.  It is totally up to you. So if you want to sell and not build, that’s ok!  You choose what you want to do and you can always change your mind.


  1. While you are on the free tour, I am building beneath you

Yes, you read that right.  While you are on the tour, I am building part of your team as part of a binary compensation plan (one of the 8 ways you get paid).  This is your power leg; you build the lower leg. In a powerful comp plan like Hempworx has, this is an awesome benefit.


I hope you found this article helpful.  If you are ready to take the free tour, click here!  If you have questions, please email me, I would love to help you out!



Hempworx Disclaimers

*Income Disclaimer:

There are no guarantees regarding income from the MyDailyChoice/HempWorx opportunity. The success or failure of each affiliate, like in any other business, depends on each Affiliates skillset and personal effort. Earning levels for Independent Affiliates are examples and should not be construed as typical or average. Income level achievements are dependent upon the individual Affilaite’s business skills, personal ambition, time, commitment, activity, and demographic factors.